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The Active Career Advancement Project: Pathways to Possibilities is funded by the Government of Canada's Labour Market Integration Program and implemented by S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Employment and Social Development Canada

ACAP - Active Career Advancement Project
pathways to Possibilities

“This is a program that is not offering impossible things or momentary solutions but developing hope as well as planning and networking skills to people.”

ACAP addresses the lack of alternative career exploration for Internationally Trained Professionals by providing support to underutilized immigrants interested in transitioning to alternative careers.

ACAP helps Internationally Trained Professionals plan for alternative careers that utilize previously acquired skills through the different stages of the program:

1. Group Support

Increase self-awareness of interests, values, skills and personal styles

2. Individual Support

Gain understanding of the Canadian context and individual support in creating Alternative Career Action Plans

3. Follow Up

Follow up support to individuals to reposition their careers

Group Support

ACAP group support facilitates professional development through career planning activities that focus on developing a better understanding of:

Individual Support

A Career Navigation Consultant will provide personalized coaching services to help participants:

Follow Up

Reconnecting with clients through phone calls and emails to ensure continued efforts to move forward with career goals and provide additional coaching support where necessary.


“At ACAP I found a really different way of helping people by encouraging us to discover, plan and implement our own dreams.”

“… Because of the program… I learned to analyze and research the [many] possibilities I have in front of me; I wasn’t able to discover [this] before ACAP because of my attitude.”

“This is a very good program that is not offering impossible things or momentary solutions but developing hope as well as planning and networking skills to people. Thanks to all [the] people involved in this program.”
- R.V.
“I learned a lot through the program exercises especially from the Hope Centered Career Inventory (HCCI) self-assessment and interactions with classmates. I was able to identify and narrow down the next action steps for my career. From the self-assessment and feedback [from the Career Navigation Consultant]… [I changed] my perspective and set realistic goals. I value [the Career Navigation Consultant’s] time, guidance and care… in ensuring that I achieved my goals. Thank you S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for implementing this program and providing me with the tools to advance in my career. I am grateful to be part of the Active Career Advancement Project and I highly recommend this program to everyone. ”
- S.C.

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