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The Active Career Advancement Project: Pathways to Possibilities is funded by the Government of Canada's Labour Market Integration Program and implemented by S.U.C.C.E.S.S.


Employment and Social Development Canada

ACAP - Active Career Advancement Project
pathways to Possibilities

Find how your transferable skills can help build an alternative career

Internationally Trained Professional FAQ

How can I have my eligibility assessed in order to determine whether I qualify for the program?
To find out about your eligibility, please contact us by email, phone call, or through an online submission on the website. Assessments are completed by answering questions related to the eligibility criteria. If you meet the minimum criteria, you will be invited to an information session to learn more about how the program can meet your needs.
What is an Information Session?
Information sessions consist of a presentation about ACAP services followed by a discussion between you and a Career Navigation Consultant about how the program can meet your needs. During this time, you are able to share further information about your situation to assist the facilitator in either recommending your enrollment in the program or suggesting more suitable services. Information sessions are generally 1 – 2 hours and can occur either in a group setting or individual based.
What is an alternative career?
Alternative Careers use transferable skills that professionals develop within their initial field of work. Transferable skills are abilities that can be used in more than one occupational setting (i.e.: proficiency with Microsoft Office or AutoCAD, ability to organize events, comfort working in teams or in a self-directed atmosphere). While more education or training might be necessary to begin an Alternative Career, it can be easier to transition into an Alternative Career when transferable skills are identified.
What is the Canadian Language Benchmarks and which level does ACAP require?
The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) is a descriptive scale of language ability in English as a Second Language (ESL). The CLB standard reflects the progression of the knowledge and skills that underline basic, intermediate and advance ability among adult ESL learners.
ACAP requires CLB level 6.
If you have not previously completed this language assessment, ACAP is responsible for performing an unofficial assessment of your language skills based on verbal conversations (over the phone or in-person) or written communication via email.
Please refer to this link for a more detailed information on how you can demonstrate your skills matching CLB 6.
Additionally, if you have completed a different type of language assessments in the past, please refer to this equivalency chart
What is Group Based Training?
In Group Based Training, clients come together for 6 two-hour sessions to work on career competencies in a supportive environment. Our curriculum is based on research by UBC Professor, Norman Amundson. His research shows that when someone struggles with career satisfaction, their level of hope often decreases. We start by rebuilding hope, along with a variety of other competencies, including self-reflection and goal-setting. Clients share experiences and work on building individual action plans for their career-futures.
Does the program provide job placement or job matching services?
ACAP is not an employment agency and cannot provide job placement or matching services. Instead, we work closely with our clients to help them manage their careers.  The outcome of our program largely depends on the career goal of each client.
Can ACAP connect me to employers?
At this time, ACAP does not create direct connection between clients and employers. However, the Career Navigation Consultants will work with you in order to address employment related considerations by providing information, and coaching you on strategies to increase your employability. Depending on your employment goal, ACAP may be able to assist you in expanding your networks by providing information on approaches you can take in order to connect with employers.
Does ACAP provide financial support?
Based on individual client need, we may provide financial support to cover the cost of short term training that is related to his/her alternative career goal to the maximum of $500.00.  We may also provide financial support to another maximum of $500.00 to cover the cost of travelling to ACAP offices during Group Based Training and one on one sessions.  If you want to know how to apply, please speak with your Career Navigation Consultant.
How long does the program last?
Overall, ACAP provides approximately 9 months of client support. Our program timeline is divided into 3 different but continuous categories:
1. Group Based Training – 6 two-hour sessions for 2 weeks.
2. Individual Work – 8-12 hours of one on one sessions with a Career Navigation Consultant.
3. Follow-up – Up to 6 months of check-in by phone or email for further support.
We offer flexible service timeline to meet an individual’s current employment commitments.
What is the success rate of the program?
Many of our clients have achieved successful outcomes during their involvement in the program. Most have said their confidence and hope increased, thus allowing for a better career future. Participants have increased their meaningful social integration by engaging in activities such as professional networking and targeted job search. Meanwhile, others have increased responsibilities in their current workplace or achieved employment in alternative careers.